In recent years there has been an increasing focus on sustainability in healthcare1-3


Reduce carbon emissions 

Minimise waste


Build capacity of clinical workers through improved services and model of care


Reduce operational costs through sustainability efforts. Make sustainable choices about procurement

Have you considered the true value of a single-patient-use Aerogen nebuliser?

Based on 4 nebulisations per day over 4 weeks,4-6 a patient may require up to:

112 single-use nebulisers, or just ONE single-patient-use Aerogen Solo®

How could Aerogen Solo add value to your practice?

Other considerations:

Consider the impact and costs of added flow

With Aerogen, no added flow is required6

Consider medication wastage

Aerogen has low residual volume, typically <0.1 mL for a 3 mL dose.6 In studies, Aerogen residual volume was consistently lower than that of jet nebulisers‡7-9

Consider fugitive emissions

Aerogen is a closed-circuit aerosol drug delivery system,6,10 which can help mitigate the release of fugitive aerosols during nebulisation§10-13

Consider the environmental impact of devices

Unlike pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs), Aerogen does not emit hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).14,15 HFCs contribute to global carbon emissions14

Consider the devices required per patient

As a single-patient-use device, fewer Aerogen devices are required per patient when compared to single-use nebulisers¶4-6

Consider Aerogen as your single-patient-use solution for nebulisation:


Aerogen Solo is a single-patient-use nebuliser suitable for intermittent use for a maximum of 28 days based on a typical usage profile of 4 treatments per day or for  continuous use for a maximum of 7 days.6


Aerogen facilitates effective medication delivery.16-21 In studies, ~4x more drug deposition was achieved with Aerogen during invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV),#16,17 non-invasive ventilation (NIV),††18 and high-flow (HF),19 and ~6x more drug deposition when self-ventilating (SV)††20 versus  jet nebulisers.

A world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery‡‡15

Over 20 million patients in 75 countries have benefitted from our high-performance aerosol drug delivery technology.15

Aerogen Solo can support aerosol drug delivery at every stage of a patient's respiratory journey: during IMV, NIV, HF and SV.6

  • Quick and easy to set up6
  • Virtually silent6,15
  • Single patient use6
  • 28 days intermittent or 7 days continuous use6
  • No added flow6
  • Refill medication cup without opening the circuit6
  • 6 mL cup6
Aerogen Solo, virtually silent

How it works

The core of Aerogen’s success is a unique palladium vibrating mesh creating ideal particle size for delivering inhaled medication into the lungs.15

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When placed 15 cm from the Y-Piece in a heated setting; in-vitro model.

In vitro models of invasive mechanical ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and self-ventilation.

§Studies by Joyce et al and McGrath et al were performed in in-vitro models of mechanical ventilation and self-ventilation, respectively; studies by Harnois et al and Li et al were self-ventilation and high-flow studies, respectively, performed in healthy subjects.

Based on 4 nebulisations per day over 4 weeks, 4-6 a patient may require up to:112 single-use nebulisers, or just ONE single-patient-use Aerogen Solo®.

#When placed 15 cm from the Y-Piece in a heated setting; in-vitro model.

††Study performed in healthy subjects.

‡‡Global market presence in 75+ countries worldwide.