Every Patient, Every Setting

No matter what the respiratory condition, Aerogen have an aerosol drug delivery solution for every patient throughout the hospital.

Find the right Aerogen treatment for your patient using
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Aerogen in the ICU

60 of the top 100 hospitals in the US have chosen the Aerogen Solo as their preferred aerosol drug delivery system in the ICU.


Aerogen in the ED

The Aerogen Ultra delivers significantly more medication in half the time1 and with faster patient response & treatment times, it can help reduce hospital admissions from the ED.


Aerogen on the Wards

Aerogen’s high performance aerosol drug delivery systems have been designed with maximum flexibility that allows medication delivery treatment to travel with patients throughout the hospital.


Aerogen in Paediatrics

Both the Aerogen Solo & the Aerogen Ultra are completely silent in operation and with no added flow are ideal for aerosol drug delivery to your paediatric patients.


Ventilated Paediatrics

Non Ventilated Paediatrics