Every Patient, Every Setting

Aerogen offers Superior aerosol drug delivery across multiple modalities for ventilated and non ventilated patients

Every patient every setting: Aerogen offers superior aerosol drug delivery across multiple modalities

Aerogen in the ICU

Aerogen puts you in control ensuring confidence and consistency of patient care in your ICU


Aerogen in the ED

Compared to a standard jet nebulizer the Aerogen Ultra delivers significantly more medication in half the time¹ with improved patient response², also helping to reduce hospital admissions from the ED³.


Aerogen on the Wards

Aerogen’s high performance aerosol drug delivery systems have been designed with maximum flexibility that allows medication delivery treatment to travel with patients throughout the hospital.


Aerogen in Pediatrics

The Aerogen Solo is virtually silent in operation and with no added flow is ideal for aerosol drug delivery to your pediatric patients.


Ventilated Pediatrics

Non Ventilated Paediatrics


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