Aerogen Ultra: superior drug delivery in the ED

Used with the Aerogen Solo the Aerogen Ultra offers superior drug delivery and improved patient response in the Emergency Department

  • Significantly more medication in half the time¹
  • Improved patient response²
  • Quick & easy to set-up with no added flow
  • Virtually silent operation

The Aerogen Ultra is now available with an Aerosol Mask

The Salter Labs’ I-Guard™ Aerosol Mask (Adult and Paediatric) has been added to the Aerogen Ultra.

The I-Guard™ Mask and Ultra kits are now available to order in the following countries:


  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • USA


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Download Aerogen Ultra & Facemask Instruction Manual

Clinical evidence³

New clinical outcome data demonstrates how Aerogen Ultra is transforming the treatment of patients in the Emergency Department

Study Design

A retrospective chart review of 1,594 patients at St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit compared clinical outcomes associated with the use of a hospital standard small volume nebuliser (SVN) versus the Aerogen Ultra.

Download Study Poster
ED length of stay
in admission
lower drug use 
with the
Aerogen Ultra
higher discharge
with the
Aerogen Ultra

Dunne R et al. Aerosol dose matters in the Emergency Department: A comparison of impact of bronchodilator administration with two nebulizer systems. Poster at the American Association for Respiratory Care. 2016

How does it work?

Our unique palladium vibrating mesh technology, Aerogen Vibronic® is a breakthrough in aerosol drug delivery and is at the heart of all our products.

The central aperture plate is just 5mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision formed holes, that vibrate at 128,000 times per second, to produce the optimum particle size for deep lung penetration.

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Product features

The Aerogen Solo provides high
performance aerosol drug delivery.

Powered by Aerogen
Pro-X Controller or the
Aerogen USB Controller
for intermittent use.

Powered by the Aerogen
Pro-X Controller for
continuous use or the
Aerogen USB Controller
for 6 hour mode.

An ergonomic valved mouthpiece
controls the flow of air through the
chamber, maximising the aerosol

Interchangable with all standard
aerosol / valved face masks.

Innovative chamber design
provides an aerosol reservoir
for optimum drug delivery.

Oxygen port enables optional
delivery of O2.

Download ROW Aerogen Ultra & Facemask Instruction Manual
Download US Aerogen Ultra Instruction Manual
Download Aerogen Solo INTL Parts List
Download Aerogen Solo US Parts List


1. Hickin S, Mac Loughlin R, Sweeney L, Tatham A and Gidwani S. Poster at the College of Emergency Medicine Clinical Excellence Conference. 2014. 2. Cushen B, Alsaid A, Abdulkareem A and Costello RW. ITS poster presentation. 2016. 3. Dunne R, Short SA and Dailey PA. AARC poster presentation  2016.