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Aerogen is a world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery†1

The Aerogen Solo can support aerosol drug delivery at every stage of a patient’s respiratory journey: during invasive mechanical ventilation, non-invasive support such as non-invasive ventilation (NIV), high-flow (HF) therapies and when self-ventilating2

Global market presence in 75+ countries worldwide

  • Quick and easy to set up2
  • Virtually silent2
  • Single patient use2
  • 28 days intermittent or 7 days continuous use2
  • No added flow2
  • Refill medication cup without opening the circuit2
  • 6 mL cup2
  • Can be placed at the wye or at the humidifier2
Aerogen Solo, virtually silent
Effectiveness, Aerogen Solo


Aerogen facilitates effective medication delivery across multiple respiratory modalities3-8†

  • In studies, ~4x more drug deposition was achieved with Aerogen during invasive mechanical ventilation,†3,4 NIV‡5, and HF,6 and ~6x more drug deposition when self-ventilating‡7 versus  jet nebulisers
When placed 15 cm from the Y-Piece in a heated setting; in-vitro model
Study performed in healthy subjects 
Patient care, Aerogen Solo

Patient care

Aerogen improves patient care in response to aerosolised medication9-11

In studies assessing bronchodilator delivery across several respiratory modalities, Aerogen Solo, when compared with jet nebulisers, was associated with:

  • Improvements in lung function  in patients undergoing NIV†9
  • Comparable bronchodilator efficacyduring high-flow10
  • Reductions in hospital admission rates, ED median length of stay, and in the number of treatments and time required to achieve symptom control§  in self-ventilating patients¶11 

Between-group difference  in FEV1, FVC, breathlessness score, RR,  and PaCO2 from  baseline to 120 minutes  in patients with acute exacerbation of COPD
As defined by relative increase in FEV1 in patients with reversible obstructive lung disease
§Defined as achieving a mild asthma score following an asthma exacerbation
When used in conjunction with Aerogen Ultra 

Workflow, Aerogen Solo


Aerogen simplifies the workflow

  • Aerogen Solo is intended for the aerosolisation of physician-prescribed solutions for inhalation2
  • One system can be used throughout a patient's respiratory journey (IMV, NIV, HF, self-ventilating),2 supporting continuity of care
  • Aerogen Solo is a closed-circuit aerosol drug delivery system,which eliminates  the need to open the circuit when administering medication during IMV or NIV
  • Aerogen Solo delivers integrated aerosol delivery with HF  and can be used in conjunction with Aerogen Ultra for aerosol drug delivery in self-ventilating patients2

How it works

The core of Aerogen’s success is a unique palladium vibrating mesh creating optimal particle size for delivering inhaled medication into the lungs.1

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