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For multi-patient use1

Aerogen Pro

  • Multi-patient use
    The Aerogen Pro is a portable device that can be sterilised and reused for patients throughout the hospital1
  • Multiple configuration options
    Three ways to configure Aerogen Pro: within a ventilator circuit, with adult and paediatric face masks, and with a mouthpiece1
  • Simple and quiet
    Simple to setup and virtually silent operation, with no added flow required1
  • Multiple therapies
    Aerogen Pro is intended for the aerosolisation of any  physician-prescribed solution to self-ventilating patients and patients on ventilation or other positive pressure breathing assistance1
Aerogen Pro, multiple therapies

How it works

The core of Aerogen’s success is a unique palladium vibrating mesh creating optimal particle size for delivering inhaled medication into the lungs.2

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