Aerogen Continuous Nebulisation

Discover Aerogen Continuous Nebulisation

For precision control of medication delivery

Aerogen Continuous Nebulisation Tube Set

  • Precise delivery
    Enabling you to provide drop-by-drop precise medication control for continuous nebulisation1
  • Versatile and compatible
    Works with most standard syringe pumps1
  • Integrated safety features
    Adaptable to standard syringe pumps, the CNTS has specialised non-standard connectors to help reduce the risk of misconnection, with unique, color-coded blue tubing for ease of identification1
Continuous Nebulisation Tube Set

How it works

A single-patient-use system allowing for continuous nebulisation and precise, drop-by-drop control of medication delivery to patients.1

Discover our technology

1. Aerogen Instruction Manual