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Award-winning technology with over 300 international active and pending patents made us a world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery.1

Deep dive into Aerogen’s unique vibrating mesh technology. Our technology is a breakthrough in aerosol drug delivery1 and is at the heart of all our products.

The Aerogen Solo’s central aperture plate is just 5 mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision-formed holes, that vibrate at 128,000 times per second, to produce consistently sized droplets (1–5 µm).1

Imagination and innovation are at the heart of what we do, driving us to design and create technology that delivers better patient treatment.

As a world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery, Aerogen has an extensive Intellectual Property Portfolio of more than 300 granted active and pending patents with coverage in multiple countries across the globe.

These patents are held in various Aerogen/Stamford Devices Ltd. Group companies. In addition, Aerogen has co-licensed IP agreements with several institutions and notably Novartis AG and Philips. Aerogen uses IP within this portfolio to protect its market position, as it develops technology designed to enhance the lives of millions of patients in more than 75 countries.1

Certain Aerogen R&D initiatives are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland as part of the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. This R&D aims to develop novel nebuliser systems aimed at increasing R&D activity that will drive company development.

Global market presence in 75+ countries

European Regional Development Fund

Aerogen, world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery

Research & Development

Aerogen’s dynamic R&D team is dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of aerosol drug delivery technology.

Innovation and creativity are at the core of every product development programme, while Aerogen’s structured five-stage gate development process ensures that projects are executed in a methodical and cost-effective manner.

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Aerogen’s is dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of aerosol drug delivery technology

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