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National Patient Safety Agency Alert Concerning Nebulisers

29th July 2021

The National Patient Safety Agency recently issued an alert (NatPSA/2021/003/NHSPS) necessitating organisations to “purchase sufficient powered nebuliser devices for use across the organisation; to remove the need for medical air to drive nebulisers via a flowmeter”. It states that all NHS hospitals are required to be fully compliant by the 16th November 20211.

Aerogen, vibrating mesh nebuliser, is the ideal safe solution for your hospital being a powered device as required by the alert and needing no gas flow to drive it.2–4

Available in 75+ countries and benefitting over 3 million COVID-19 patients in 2020 alone5, Aerogen’s closed-circuit system is instrumental in ensuring the safe and effective delivery of drugs to your patients whilst helping to protect your staff6–11. It ensures a silent, versatile treatment with a quick and easy set-up12.

When switched on, the Aerogen Solo (which can be powered by the Aerogen Pro-X Controller or the Aerogen USB Controller) vibrates at 128,000 times per second, creating consistent particles of 1–5 µm in diameter2, the optimum particle size for deep lung penetration13.

The Aerogen Solo is single patient use, it can be used for up to 28 days, and move with the patient through the hospital2. Sitting easily in line and without the need to break the circuit7, Aerogen is suitable for multiple areas across the hospital including those providing mechanical ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy as well as use in spontaneously breathing patients on wards, emergency departments and outpatients2. It can be used to nebulise physician-prescribed medications for inhalation which are approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser2.

Aerogen is a safe, effective and trusted solution for patients requiring nebulisation6–11, removing any of the risks associated with inadvertent connection of air flow meters to jet nebulisers as no additional gas flow is required2–4

If you would like to discuss getting Aerogen for your hospital please contact us here and your local rep will be in touch.