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Aerogen attends SOA 2022

29th June 2022

Aerogen is attending SOA 2022

Aerogen is attending the ICS Congress: State of the Art 2022 in Belfast, from the 28th of June to the 1st of July. This congress focuses on inspiring attendees with the latest news and views from Critical Care.  Our UK and Ireland team will be on site for these 3 days to answer all your questions relating to Aerogen and how our technology can positively impact your patients.

Trust Aerogen to safely and effectively deliver aerosol medication to your patients. The Aerogen Solo is the gold standard for respiratory patient care across the hospital. From the critical care to emergency care, and across multiple ventilated and non-ventilated therapies (1). Aerogen provides fast and effective aerosols medication delivery through optimal lung deposition (2). For respiratory patients in acute care settings across the hospital, Aerogen provides better outcomes for the areas we serve (1-9).

If you are attending SOA2022 then visit our booth to Discover Better.

ICS Congress: State of the Art 2022 in Belfast


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