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Aerogen continue partnership with Druid

10th December 2021

Druid has announced an exciting new Community and Education programme aimed at deepening engagement with professional theatre within education and local community settings.

Originally instigated in 2020 as part of DruidGregory, this award-winning programme is focussed on inclusion and access to the arts, community togetherness, and artistic and cultural expression. The success of the partnership and the impact of the programme was recognised in both the business and arts communities winning Best Small Sponsorship at the 29th Business to Arts Awards earlier this year.

This new programme is made possible by the renewed, multi-annual support and partnership of Galway company Aerogen and The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation.

During 2022 and 2023 the Community and Education Programme will span all of Druid’s planned programming activities, renewing the engagement with communities and schools throughout Galway and the Western region, as well as on touring locations. The programme will focus on encouraging creativity in schools through direct engagement and free educational resources, and increasing public engagement with the arts through making theatre more accessible.

Druid’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director Garry Hynes said, ‘Culture and creativity are vital to the betterment of our society and our environment. We are delighted that Aerogen and The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation are continuing to partner with us as we extend the reach of the programme, ensuring that art and culture, fosters and inspires more creativity among communities and young people.

We are proud to continue our partnership with Druid and in doing so help make theatre more accessible to the local community. We look forward to hearing more about the wonderful programme of events for the 2022/ 2023 Community and Education Programme.

Aerogen Founder and CEO John Power

Cathy and I started our poetry foundation to help people deal with poverty, helplessness, injustice, through flashes of brilliance. In theater and in poetry, we can escape into the worlds we want. Druid is embedded in the identity of Ireland, invigorating Irish history with its energy. We hope to be able to further that interweaving by helping Druid make great theatre available to small communities around Ireland, offering performances for schools and community organizations, and engaging local residents.

Peter Halstead of The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation