Aerogen in the ICU

60 of the top 100 hospitals in the US have chosen
the Aerogen Solo as their preferred aerosol drug delivery
system in the ICU. Aerogen puts you in the control ensuring
confidence and consistency of patient care.

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  • Can be used with all medications for inhalation 1*, that are approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser
  • Dose prescribed is dose delivered with minimal residual volume (<0.1ml for 3ml dose)1
  • Aerogen Solo sits above the circuit 1**, it does not collect condensation


  • Quick and easy to set up 1
  • Does not affect ventilator parameters or FiO2 due to the absence of flow 1
  • Refill medication without breaking the circuit 1

Product Specifications and Set-Up

Superior Performance across multiple modalities

Aerogen Solo provides superior treatment over
the entire care continuum for ventilated and
non-ventilated patients.

Mechanical Ventilation

Aerogen Solo achieve superior drug delivery*

* When Compared to a jet nebuliser in adult mechanical ventilation with bias flow
Ari. A. et al. Respir Care 2010;55(7):845-851


Aerogen Solo delivers higher drug dose in all patient populations*

* When Compared to a jet nebuliser; placement of Aerogen proximal to the patient
Fang et al. J Aerosel Med Pulm Drug Deliv 2016


Aerogen Pro achieves greater drug delivery during NIV*

*When compared to a jet nebuliser at both positions. Abdelrahim ME et al. J Pharm Pharmacol 2010;62(8):966-972

Aerogen Pro delivers a 3X greater lung dose during NIV*1

*When compared to a jet nebuliser
1. Galindo-Filho VC et al.Respir Care 2015;60(9):1238-1246


Aerogen Solo archieves greater lung deposition at lower flow rates.

At 30L/min Aerogen Solo provides 3.76% to the lungs.


*< 0.05 compared to 10L/min Alcoforade et al. ISAM poster presentation 20161

Spontaneous Breathing

  • Superior performance for your spontaneous breathing patients with the Aerogen Ultra 1,2*
  • Aerogen Ultra delivers a 6X greater lung dose 1*
  • Aerogen Ultra results in an improved patient reponse to treatment 1*

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1. Hickin S, Mac Loughlin R, Sweeney L, Tatham A and Gidwani S. Poster at the College of Emergency Medicine Clinical Excellence Conference. 2014. 2. Cushen B, Alsaid A, Abdulkareem A and Costello RW. ITS poster presentation. 2016. 3. Dunne R, Shortt SA and Dailey PA. Poster presentation at AARC. 2016.