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Aerogen Pro

How do I clean Aerogen Pro?

Aerogen Pro can be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised. Always do this in accordance with current hospital protocols. Please see the Aerogen Pro Instruction Manual for more information.21

For how long can I use Aerogen Pro?

The Aerogen Pro system is designed to be reusable and the nebuliser is expected to last for approximately 1 year, based on a typical usage of 4 treatments per day and one sterilisation per week when the device is assumed to be in use for 50% of the time. Please refer to your local distributor regarding warranty details.

How do you remove residue in the chamber after nebulisation of viscous drugs?

You can nebulise a few drops of saline to remove any residues of viscous drugs.

With which brands/models of ventilators can I use Aerogen Pro?

Aerogen Pro can be used with any brand or model of ventilator.

How much medication is left at the end of a treatment?

Medication left in the nebuliser at the end of the treatment is minimal: < 0.1mL21.

How much medication can be given at one time?

The medication cup can hold up to 10mL of medication.

How long does it take to deliver a unit dose?

Aerogen Pro gives a flow rate of > 0.2ml/min with an average of 0.4ml/min. Delivery of a standard 3ml dose takes 7 minutes, 30 seconds.21

What medications can Aerogen Pro deliver?

Aerogen Pro can nebulise physician-prescribed medications for inhalation which are approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser. For more information on specific drugs and dosages please contact our Clinical Team. US/Canada:; Rest of World:

Can we use multiple types of drug in the same Aerogen Pro?

You don’t need a different Aerogen Pro to nebulise different drugs. However, when nebulising viscous drugs you may need to add a few drops of saline to clear the mesh before nebulising the next drug. Always refer to the drug manufacturer’s guidelines before combining drugs for nebulisation.

Should I adjust the drug dosage as I’m using Aerogen Pro?

Aerogen Pro can be used to nebulise all physician-prescribed drugs approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser. Aerogen Ltd cannot provide specific advice on medication dose as it does not have regulatory approvals for drug/device combinations at this time. Information on drug dosing with specific nebulizers must be sourced from the manufacturer’s approved prescribing information for the inhaled formulation. Bear in mind published clinical research examining the efficiency of different nebuliser technologies in terms of delivering therapeutic/effective drug levels in the lungs for specific medications. Should you require information regarding published clinical research for nebulisation of specific medications with Aerogen devices, please contact our Clinical Team directly at (US)/Canada or (Rest of World).

It is recognised that physicians prescribe medications for nebulisation that are not approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser based on their perceived clinical need and the Risk:Benefit ratio for the patient. This is classified as ‘off label’ use of those products and Aerogen Ltd cannot and does not promote ‘off label’ use of its devices.

Can Aerogen Pro be used with a mouthpiece or aerosol mask?

Yes, Aerogen Pro can be connected to a mouthpiece using the adult T-Piece. An aerosol mask can be connected using the vented elbow and face mask elbow which are provided in the Aerogen Pro Mask Kit. Masks and mouthpieces are not included.

How quiet is Aerogen Pro?

Aerogen Pro is virtually silent. The noise level is less than 35dB measured at 0.3m distance.

How does the Aerogen Pro compare to standard nebulisers in terms of efficiency of drug nebulisation?

Aerogen Pro provides improved drug dose compared to a standard jet nebuliser during mechanical ventilation1 and NIV.18

How do I get replacement parts?

Please contact your local Aerogen distributor.


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