Help Centre: FAQs about Aerogen CNTS

Aerogen CNTS

How do I setup the CNTS with an infusion pump?

Insert the syringe filled with medication into the syringe infusion pump and set the appropriate flow rate (refer to the pump manual or manufacturer spec for guidance). To ensure correct and safe connection between the nebuliser and the medication reservoir, trace the medication tube from the nebuliser back to the medication reservoir to make sure the medication tube is connected to the correct source.

What syringe pump software should you use with the CNTS?

The recommended syringe pump software setting with the Aerogen syringe is typically the “BD Plastipak” setting. This must be validated locally before use. Refer to the pump manual or manufacturer for guidance. These pumps should be used in accordance with local hospital or ward policies.

What flow rate should I use with the CNTS?

Aerogen’s recommended input rate of medication into the Aerogen Solo nebuliser during continuous nebulisation is up to a maximum of 12 mL per hour. The upper limit of 12 mL per hour is based on Aerogen’s specification for the minimum nebuliser flow rate and should not be exceeded.

How does volumetric dosing work with CNTS?

The CNTS drops medication onto the vibrating mesh continuously. The rate of drug entering the nebuliser determines the drug output rate. This gives you the ability to titrate medication utilising the infusion rate of the pump. There is no need to change the concentration of the medication in the syringe.

If the infusion rate is low you might see pauses between aerosol being generated, however, this is a normal finding at low rates and there is no reason for concern.


Example of volumetric dosing: 25mg/hour dose

Question: What infusion rate do I use to deliver 25 mg per hour of albuterol/salbutamol (0.5% solution-5mg/ml)? What is the output of Aerogen Solo for a 25 mg per hour dose of albuterol/salbutamol?


Infusion rate pump =

Solo output =

Desired Dosage (mg/hour)
Medication Concentration (mg/ml)


Solo output =

25 mg per hour = 5 ml per hour
5 mg /ml


Answer: To deliver 25mg per hour with undiluted 0.5% albuterol/ salbutamol, set the infusion pump rate to 5 ml per hour. The pump rate equals the output of the Solo.

Why is the fluid level in the aerosol chamber rising?

Rising fluid level in the aerosol chamber indicates that the fill rate has exceeded the nebulisation rate of the Solo. The recommended input rate of medication into Aerogen Solo during continuous nebulisation is up to a maximum of 12mL per hour and should not be exceeded.

How do I fill the Aerogen syringe?

Use another syringe to draw up the medication with a needle or needleless connector and with the plunger pulled back on the Aerogen syringe insert the medication through the cap end of the Aerogen syringe.

Are pauses in aerosol normal with volumetric dosing?

Yes. Medication is delivered drop-by-drop with volumetric dosing. When solution drops onto the aperture plate, aerosol is produced. There will be a pause in aerosol in between drops. Aerogen Solo’s hourly output will be based on the rate set on the infusion pump.

What is the priming volume of the CNTS tubing?

You should prime the tubing until the medication reaches the end of the tubing. The tubing priming volume is maximum 3.65mL. Rising level of medication in the reservoir may occur if the Aerogen Solo nebuliser is turned off while the feed system is still on or the nebuliser is not in its recommended orientation.

What is the intended duration of use of the Continuous Nebulisation Tube Set?

As with all active electronic components, the Aerogen Solo nebuliser has a defined life. In the case of Aerogen Solo, the life of the nebuliser has been validated for intermittent use for a maximum of 28 days based upon a typical usage profile of 4 treatments per day.

For continuous use, the life of the Aerogen Solo nebuliser and the Continuous Nebulisation Tube Set have been qualified for use for a maximum of 7 days.

The user should note that use in excess of these periods is not qualified by Aerogen10.


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