Aerogen in the ED

Compared to a standard jet nebuliser the Aerogen Ultra
delivers significantly more medication in half the time1
with improved patient response2, also helping to reduce
hospital admissions from ED3.

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  • Aerogen Ultra delivers significantly more medication in half the time2.
  • Aerogen Ultra delivers a 6-fold increase in medication to the patient’s lungs compared with a standard jet nebuliser3

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Images of healthy lungs after aerosolised drug
treatment by Aerogen Ultra and SVN


Aerogen Ultra

Small Volume nebuliser


Lung dose delivered: Ultra (34.1%), SVN (5.2%)
Residual dose volume: Ultra (2.4%), SVN (62.8%)

Product Specification and Set-Up

ED Case Study

New clinical outcome data demonstrates hoe Aerogen Ultra is transforming the treatment of patients in the Emergency Department.

Study Design
A restrospective chart review of 1,594 patients at St. John
Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit (USA) compared clinical
outcomes associated with use of a hospital standard
jet nebuliser versus the Aerogen Ultra.

WATCH: Dr Dunne talks about Aerogen Ultra’s success in the ER


median reduction in ED length of stay

37 minute median reduction in
LOS per patient with Aerogen
Ultra vs jet neb.

95% CI = 0.25 hours to 0.77 hours. Mann-Whitney test and CI: Signification at p=0.0001


reduction in admission rates

When compared to the jet neb
group, admission rates are 32%
lower with Aerogen Ultra.


lower drug use with the Aerogen Ultra

The Aerogen Ultra group used less
total drug (p<0.001) with a 75%
reduction in total dose administered


higher discharge rates with Aerogen Ultra

When compared to the jet neb
group, discharge rates are 30% higher
with Aerogen Ultra.

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1. Hickin S, Mac Loughlin R, Sweeney L, Tatham A and Gidwani S. Poster at the College of Emergency Medicine Clinical Excellence Conference. 2014. 2. Cushen B, Alsaid A, Abdulkareem A and Costello RW. ITS poster presentation. 2016. 3. Dunne R, Shortt SA and Dailey PA. Poster presentation at AARC. 2016.