Covid-19 Support Bulletin

Lowering risk of COVID-19
transmission for HCPs

Aerogen – bringing a lower risk of transmission of patient generated infectious aerosol for healthcare professionals in acute care settings compared to traditional nebulisers.

Closed Circuit
Recent government guidelines 2 have stated that when treating respiratory patients infected with COVID-19 that require ventilation;

1.A closed suctioning system must be used.

2.Ventilator circuits should not be broken unless necessary.

How it Works

The Aerogen Solo 1, unlike
conventional nebulisers:

Features an In-line circuit design

Has an in-line circuit design so the ventilation circuit does not need to be broken for drug delivery.

An Isolated medication reservoir

Is designed so that the medication reservoir is isolated from the breathing circuit minimising nebulisation of contaminated fluids.

With Minimal Residual

Delivers the medication dose with minimal residual remaining after nebulisation.

Support Videos
How the Aerogen Solo works
Using Aerogen in the ICU
Support & Ordering
Aerogen is also available through the world’s leading ventilation companies.
Support & Ordering
Support & Ordering

Express, COVID-19 Related Enquiries

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References: 1 Aerogen Solo System Instruction Manual. Aerogen Ltd. P/N 30-354, Part No. AG-AS3050. 2 Public Health England. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection prevention and control guidance. 2020. (accessed 13 Mar2020).3456