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Aerogen's pioneering aerosol drug delivery technology is transforming emergency medicine in hospitals worldwide. Silent and quick to set up, Aerogen devices deliver significantly more medication in half the time.1

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reduction in ED admission rates2 *


achieved symptom control with 2.5mg albuterol dose2 *


reduction in ED median length of stay2 *

* when compared to a small volume jet nebuliser

What the healthcare professionals say

"We saw a decrease in admissions, an increase in discharge and a decrease in length of stay."2

Robert Dunne, MD
Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine
St. John Hospital & Medical Center, Detroit

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"The [Aerogen Ultra] was a strong predictor of discharge, disposition and the total amount of drug, regardless of age or diagnosis2."

32% reduction in ED admission rates

Patients treated with Aerogen Ultra experienced a 32% reduction in admission rates, associated with a 30% increase in discharge rates, positively affecting ED throughput.*

*when compared to a small volume of jet nebuliser

37 minute reduction in ED median length of stay

Patient LOS is a critical factor in every Emergency Department. The Aerogen Ultra demonstrated a 37 minute reduction in LOS per patient, reducing from a 4.79 hours average LOS to 4.17 hours.*

* when compared to a small volume of jet nebuliser

85% achieved symptom control in medication

Aerogen Ultra enabled a faster treatment time with less use of medication. The Aerogen Ultra group used less total drug with a 85% reduction of the maximum albuterol dose given.*

* when compared to a small volume of jet nebuliser

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1 Hickin S, Mac Loughlin R, Sweeney L, Tatham A and Gldwani S. Comparison of mesh nebuliser versus jet nebuliser in simulated adults with chromic obstructive pulmonary disease. Publication at the College of Emergency Medicine Clincial Excellence Conference. 2004.

2 Dunne RB and Shortt S. Comparison of bronchodilator administration with vibrating mesh nebulizer and standard jet nebulizer in the emergency department. The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017