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Aerogen's pioneering aerosol drug delivery technology is transforming emergency medicine in hopsoitals worldwide. Silent and quick to set up, Aerogen devices deliver significantly more medication in half the time.1

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Aerogen's silent aerosol drug delivery brings calm to emergency situations


Quick and easy set-up with no added flow. Compatible with all standard face masks.


Aerogen Ultra delivers significantly more medication in half the time.1

What the healthcare professionals say

"The Aerogen Ultra has made a significant difference on patient's truly amazing how well this worked."

Matt Gelmini LRT,RRT,
DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan

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1 Hickin S, Mac Loughlin R, Sweeney L, Tatham A and Gldwani S. COmparison of mesh nebuliser versus jet nebuliser in simulated adults with chromic obstructive pulmonary disease. Poster at the College of Emergency Medicine Clincial Excellence Conference. 2004.