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  1. In 1990 Fuller and Dolovich performed the first scintigraphic study comparing aerosol deposition during mechanical ventilation with pMDI and jet nebulizer. They reported that:

    Your Answer: pMDI was three fold more efficient than the jet neb

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  2. In 1999, Fink et al. reported that during aerosol delivery from a pMDI in conventional mechanical ventilation:

    Your Answer: that heated humidity decreased drug delivery

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  3. Which factors are true concerning in-vitro models for aerosol delivery:

    Your Answer: All of the above

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  4. Which types of jet nebulizer can be used during mechanical ventilation:

    Your Answer: Simple non-vented

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  5. Which type of nebulizer creates standing waves in the medication to produce aerosol?

    Your Answer: Ultrasonic

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  6. The first report (Hughe and Saez) comparing position of nebulizers on drug delivery during mechanical ventilation reported:

    Your Answer: A and B above

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  7. With no bias flow, which type of aerosol generator performed best when placed near the ventilator:

    Your Answer: jet nebulizer

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  8. With no bias flow, which aerosol generators were most efficient placed in the inspiratory limb at the Y?

    Your Answer: Vibrating mesh

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  9. As bias flow is increased, aerosol delivery is……

    Your Answer: decreased

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  10. What statement concerning placement of the aerosol generator at the ventilator is not true:

    Your Answer: always increased drug deposition

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