Aerogen win Zenith Award for Respiratory Care Excellence

16th October 2016

Aerogen, the global leader in aerosol drug delivery, was recognized with the prestigious 2016 Zenith Award for respiratory care excellence at the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) meeting in San Antonio, Texas.   The win represents the third time Aerogen has received the award in the last four years.

“We are honored to receive our second consecutive Zenith Award and the third award in four years from the over 50,000 respiratory care professionals in AARC,” said John Power, Managing Director and CEO of Aerogen, who received the award at the Saturday morning presentation.  “Aerogen is proud to have allied with respiratory are professionals in the United States and around the world to deliver superior aerosol drug delivery capability to patients who need critical drugs to breathe better and survive their acute conditions.  This award is evidence of the support we work hard to give them every day, with every product they use, and I wish to thank them for their continued vote of confidence in using our products.  I could not be more proud of the outstanding team at Aerogen that has worked to develop the technology and improve it for better patient results and easier use.”

Aerogen was selected as one of six recipients of the Zenith Award from over 400 competing suppliers to the respiratory care field.  The recognition comes as over 65% of the Top 100 hospitals in the United States depend on Aerogen’s proprietary vibrating mesh technology to deliver aerosolized medications to the lungs of critically ill patients.  With products such as the Aerogen Solo, Ultra, and Pro-X controller, hospitals are able to improve patient care and reduce drug usage while significantly reducing patient treatment time, length of stay, and related hospital care costs .

Aerogen officially received the Award at the opening ceremony for the AARC on Saturday, October 15.

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