Aerogen Ultra improves lung volumes in COPD patients

29th November 2016

Study reveals that bronchodilator delivery using Aerogen Ultra resulted in a significant improvement in FVC in COPD patients experiencing acute exacerbation along with a significant improvement in symptom scores.[1]

Data released at Irish Thoracic Society, Dublin assessed bronchodilator response during acute exacerbation of COPD using a vibrating mesh nebuliser versus jet nebuliser for bronchodilator delivery. The study randomised 32 patients to a standard jet nebuliser treatment or the Aerogen Ultra. The Aerogen Ultra group achieved a significantly greater improvement in post-bronchodilator FVC compared to the Jet neb group and only the Aerogen Ultra group demonstrated a significant improvement in post-bronchodilator BORG breathlessness score.

Commenting on the results, Prof Richard Costello, Chairman of the Asthma Society of Ireland Medical Advisory Committee and consultant chest physician at Beaumont Hospital, said “Recovery from COPD exacerbation is associated with increases in respirable lung volume. Accelerating these changes through improved bronchodilator delivery could hasten recovery. We have demonstrated a significant improvement in lung volume with an accompanied decrease in patient’s breathlessness score during COPD exacerbation with just a single 2.5mg salbutamol dose delivered with the Aerogen Ultra nebuliser. All COPD treatment breakthroughs are welcome especially since Ireland has the highest rate of COPD admissions amongst OECD countries with 90-day readmission rates 10 % higher than the European average[2]”.

Further studies will assess whether using this more efficient device throughout the exacerbation translates into accelerated exacerbation recovery associated with shorter hospital stays, associated cost reductions and possibly even a slower deterioration in lung function for these patients.

Download the full study poster here 

[1] Cushen B, Alsaid A, Abdulkareem A and Costello RW. A Pilot Study To Assess Bronchodilator Response During An Acute Exacerbation Of COPD Using A Vibrating Mesh Nebuliser Versus Jet Nebuliser For Bronchodilator Delivery. ITS poster presentation. 2016.

[2] OECD (2011), Health at a Glance 2011: OECD Indicators, OECD Publishing. downloaded from on the 31st October 2013


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