Aerogen Support World COPD Awareness Day

19th November 2018

Aerogen, the world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery, today announced their support in helping raise awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through a digital awareness campaign that will run over the course of the week in conjunction with World COPD Day on November 21st.

The day, which first started in 2002, is organised by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) in collaboration with health care professionals and COPD patient groups across the world.

COPD is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide and is estimated to be the third leading cause by 2020[1], but there is a lack of awareness and social stigma associated with the disease. Only about half of the estimated 210 million people with the disease have been officially diagnosed[2]. They’re struggling with their symptoms and a lower quality of life. Their condition is progressing quickly because they’re not receiving treatment.

In an effort to break these barriers, Aerogen is collaborating with COPD Support Ireland through a digital awareness campaign that will seek to educate, engage and empower COPD patients and their caregivers. For every person that share’s Aerogen’s featured COPD posts they will donate €1* to COPD Support Ireland. This money will be used to help support the lives of people living with COPD in Ireland.

So, let’s all get sharing and raise awareness of COPD, find the missing millions and help people get the treatment and support they deserve.

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About Aerogen

Founded in Galway, Ireland in 1997, Aerogen now employs over 200 people worldwide. The company, synonymous with scientific excellence, and with a wealth of international awards, has a strong international presence with offices in Ireland, UK, Germany, United States, Middle East and Asia.

Aerogen specialises in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of aerosol drug delivery systems. Aerogen’s patented vibrating mesh technology turns liquid medication into a fine particle mist, gently and effectively delivering drugs to the lungs of patients, enhancing outcomes and giving healthcare professionals a higher level of confidence and control.


About COPD Support Ireland

COPD Support Ireland is a charity set up to support all those living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We are Ireland’s only national COPD support and advocacy body, bringing together local support groups from around the country, to help those living with, and caring for someone with, COPD. We were founded in 2013 by patients working with the support of the Irish Thoracic Society, COPD National Clinical Programme, and health care professionals.


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*Donation will be to a maximum of €5,000

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