Developing the next generation of inhaled medications for acute care.

Pharma partnerships with Aerogen enable clients to access our proprietary Vibronic™
technology for optimized, high-efficiency delivery of their compound or biologic.

Aerogen Pharma develops superior treatment options for hospitalised patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. We are focused on becoming the leading specialty pharmaceutical company in aerosol drug delivery for the acute care setting.

Aerogen’s leading position in hospital respiratory care is an ideal foundation on which to build a portfolio of drug/device combination products, and Aerogen Pharma is advancing multiple development candidates based on our high-performance, acute-care delivery platform. This professional aerosol delivery system brings together many recent technical advances made by Aerogen’s research division, and is engineered to achieve unmatched delivery efficiency and consistency across multiple ventilation modalities.

The combination of our delivery platform with known or novel drugs creates proprietary products with enhanced properties. Medicines are more effectively and efficiently targeted to the lung with greater dosing accuracy, creating opportunity for enhanced efficacy, improved safety and side effect profiles, and economic efficiencies.

Our own combination product programmes focus on taking drugs with known safety and efficacy and improving them via precision targeting of delivery to the lung. In parallel, we assist drug development partners to achieve optimal delivery of their inhaled compounds and biologics by making the acute care delivery platform available under licence.

  • Compatibility with wide range of drug classes:

    Unlike older nebulization technologies, Aerogen devices do not cause temperature changes or shear stresses that can damage expensive biological medications. Aerogen has demonstrated the ability of Vibronic technology to deliver a broad range of small molecule APIs and biologics, including therapeutic peptides and proteins, oligonucleotides, liposomes, lipoprotein complexes and viral vectors, without degradation.

  • Ideal form factor:

    Aerogen products are small, light and highly portable, silent in operation and leave a minimal residual medication volume.

  • Favorable economics:

    Aerogen has invested heavily in manufacturing automation and process optimization to achieve high volume production and low unit cost that competitor technologies cannot match.

  • Strong Intellectual Property position:

    Extensive IP estate wraps combination products in additional layers of protection.

Aerogen Pharma offers a variety of means to access its
market-leading aerosol delivery technology, ranging from licensing and royalty arrangements to strategic co-development relationships with shared risk/reward.

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