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Aerogen to attend ISICEM 2021, Brussels

25th August 2021

40th ISICEM, International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine – 31st – 3rd September 2021

Stand 1.11

We are excited to announce that we will be attending the 40th annual ISICEM in Brussels, Belgium. To find out more about our world leading aerosol drug delivery technology come visit us at booth 1.11.

ISICEM is a non-profit organization, which was created in 1980. The Symposium attracted more than 6000 patients in 2019 from 104 countries globally. The aim of this 4-day event is to improve the care of the critically ill patient through better clinical management, by facilitating ongoing education and training of all healthcare staff involved in patient care and supporting and encouraging constructive research in the field.

The Aerogen team will be available all week (31st August to the 3rd of September) to answer your questions and demonstrate how Aerogen could improve respiratory patient care in your hospital. If you would like to arrange a meeting in advance with one of our Aerogen specialists, please email

Aerogen is world leader in high performance aerosol drug delivery in the acute care sector reaching over 13 million patients in more than 75 countries 8.

Aerogen is the only closed circuit aerosol drug delivery system that mitigates the transmission of patient generated infectious aerosol1-6 and delivers effective aerosol treatment.1,7,8

If you wish to learn more about Aerogen products and Aerogen’s role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our website

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 – 31st


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